Building highly competitive projects

Our Background, Our Mission

Since PV burst on the American landscape for the first financially viable debut approximately 2006 I found the most important place to be was bringing in the customer. "Nothing Happens 'till something is Sold !"  When I started my solar career that meant creating the product, marketing, and lifting the ladder to make my customers dreams a reality.  With the advent of photovoltaics came a price tag that has driven many a solar entrepreneur from the field to the calculator, and for the greater part of this past decade I found myself spending 90% of the time in spreadsheets.justifying high prices to support organizations with poor business plans and burdensome overhead. I have enjoyed the many patriots who I have worked side by side with, but time is fleeting, and solar is still not immune to the fate of politics and the manipulation of energy sources home and abroad.  Central Utilities have more than met their match for cost effective production and delivery. The bleeding edge is the daytime commercial user, who has the ability to break off from the "DEMAND" demon and go from the highest paying customer to the highest saving customer.  Delivering Solar though new utility mechanisms is changing the game dramatically.  Aggregating meters, community based remote net metering, and cost effective solar structures, all these with lean production bottom lines and timelines where you never thought they could go.

The day the Florida Solar incentives vanished, philosophies that would define Solar Strategies LLC were born :

  • Solar is highly cost effective now from capable confident managers !
  • Always do right by the materials, the location, and the client !
  • Never forget the long run !
  • Go Big or go home !

A focused approach to high roi commercial solar    ~   tier 1+ quality

             Not just "Assurances"   Quality Nationally recognized "insurances".a

whether your a large developer or an independent corporation,  our years of experience and industry relationships bring costs that will bowl over your CFO.

This is Rex, He likes designing  and seeing projects built.    Big Projects !

Rex has been creating unique and value driven solutions for clients from California to Florida to New England.  Industry leading  solutions for over two decades. A passion for the Sun's Power  and the benefits it brings to end users and the U.S economy.